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Leathered Marble Finish Restored

Can marble with a leathered finish be restored?

Houston, Texas homeowners contacted us to find out whether a custom leathered finish on their kitchen marble top could be restored.We assured them that, yes, it could be restored, and we provided a FREE estimate. The homeowners then scheduled services.

About Leathered Marble Finish Damage

Leathered finish marble countertops have a beautiful, worn finish that goes incredibly well with a shabby chic or a farmhouse kitchen design, but like any other type of marble finish, it can become damaged. For example, improper cleaning products or acidic substances can create a chemical reaction with the calcium in the stone, leaving etch marks. Improper use, such as failing to use a cutting board or scrubbing with an abrasive pad, can cause scratches. Spilling red wine, mustard, or other strongly colored substances and not cleaning those spills right away can result in stains.

Our Restoration Process

Here's how we restored a beautiful, stunning leathered finish to this countertop. Our professional stone restoration processes, such as cleaning, honing, and sealing, were the same as any other marble refinishing job. What makes this job different is that when we honed the damage away, we also honed away the leathered finish, but we used a special set of brushes to give the countertops a brand new leathered finish every bit as impressive as the factory finish. The homeowners were very pleased with the outcome.

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