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Great American Carpet and Stone Care Services Overview

At Great American Carpet and Stone Care we service the Houston metro area with making your natural stone and tile surfaces look and stay looking great.

Cleaning & Maintenance
To keep your natural stone looking pristine, a deep cleaning once in a while will bring back its luster. Over time and use, soil becomes embedded in stone and cannot be removed by everyday cleaning and mopping. Whether it is natural stone like marble, limestone or travertine, or tile and grout, a professional cleaning by Great American Carpet and Stone Care will remove unwanted dirt and grime and leave you with the beauty of the stone you remember.

If it’s tile and grout you need cleaned, our methods will leave behind brand-new looking tile and grout. Our sanitizing process makes for a healthier home as porous grout tends to absorb bacteria. We will also seal or color seal the grout – your preference – making it less absorbent and easier to clean.

We use only the finest products and professional scrubbing equipment, and take extraordinary care in protecting the surrounding area. Our work is guaranteed and our experience is unmatched.

Refinishing & Restoration
When your floors or kitchen countertops are looking a bit drab and a deep cleaning is not the solution, our professionally trained stone experts can restore and refinish your marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, and limestone back to their natural beauty.

You can even change your existing finish if desired. You can go from a velvety, satin-like finish – also called a honed or matte finish – to a polished, eye-catching shiny finish, or vice versa. Not sure? Great American Carpet and Stone Care has the expertise and knowledge to help you decide. A honed finish is less slippery and scratches are less noticeable, making it ideal for high traffic areas. A polished finish is very stunning but will show wear and tear faster and may need more care to keep it shiny.

Our technicians take great care in protecting the surroundings of the workspace and use the most up-to-date equipment to minimize dust and water spillage.

Repairing Holes in Travertine
We can fill travertine holes that occur when original fillers in the natural holes of the stone loosen and fall out, causing contaminants to gather in the blemishes.

Sealing & Protecting
Many granites are so porous they require sealing when installed and regular resealing to help prevent staining from water and oil-based spills. However, polished marble is so dense, sealing may not be required. Sealing also depends on the stone’s location. For example, natural stone on a wall will most likely be safe from spillages. One of our technicians will be happy to advise you whether sealing your natural stone is necessary. If you have slate or travertine, you can also ask about our enhancing sealers that bring out the color in these stones.

Great American Stone can also seal your grout. We can apply clear sealer to grout in good condition or you can opt to change the color of your grout with grout color sealing, which can dramatically change the look of a room.

Do-it-yourself sealing is possible, but not recommended without proper training or knowledge of the process. The surface must be 100% dirt-free and cleaned with the correct product before applying a sealer, otherwise, etching or a haze can appear beneath the sealer. Excess sealer must also be removed in an efficient manner. Once dry, removing sealer is no easy task.

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