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Sealing and Enhancing


Protect your natural stone

Sealing natural stone is important to protect your investment from staining by water and oil-based spills. However, not all natural stone has the same characteristics, making for variable sealing requirements. It also may depend on where the stone is located.

For the most part, granite is more porous than marble and need to be sealed and resealed every few years. While it may not hurt to seal a dense stone like marble, it may not be worth the money since much of the sealer will not penetrate the stone. If the stone is on a wall, sealer would also not be recommended in most cases, as spills and foot traffic are unlikely. We will be happy to help determine if your stone needs to be sealed or resealed.

Penetrating/Impregnating Sealer

Contrary to what your perception may be when you hear the word sealer, most sealers for stone are below-surface products and will not alter in any way, shape or form the original finish. Sealers for stones, which are below-surface, penetrating-type sealers—better referred to as impregnators—are designed to do one thing and one thing only: clog the pores of the stone to inhibit staining agents from being absorbed by it.

Color Enhancing Sealer

While impregnating sealers will not alter the appearance of your stone, a color-enhancing (impregnating) sealer will protect the stone while bringing out its color, giving it a wet (i.e. darker, not glossy) look. It will at the same time provide good protection from water-based staining. Color enhancing sealers are typically used on tumbled marble, low-honed limestone and travertine, honed (black) granite, slate, etc.

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